About Us

Philip Chu

CEO & Founder

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Our Mission

  • Unleash the potential of financing in the ecosystem
  • Leverage the enterprise customers to offer suppliers low rate of financing
  • Provide new and large customer base, transparency and convenience to banks & NBFI through SCF
  • Use program approach to assist supplier to secure ongoing funds
  • Build a truly robust and hassle-free system with full security and easy adoption

Our Vision

To be the global leader in Supply Chain Financing with the dominance position in invoicing financing helping numerous SMEs and Banks connecting in a risk free model and transact efficient and effectively. Changing the SMEs lending and factoring landscape making SCF program a required feature in all future buy sell process.

Our Goal

Using innovation to transform supply chain financing as the natural extension and feature of procurement in any company; to engage; and creating a safe and easy-to-use platform, making it easier for buyers and suppliers to transact, with minimal risks for financiers.

How? Innovation is the name of the game. We deploy artificial intelligence, blockchain and stringent security features in our HAFA SCF platform. With a robust ecosystem in place, we enable suppliers to benefit from their customers’ enterprise credit without using their own funds. At the same time, it offers financiers a large, immediate and new pool of customers who will benefit from better cash flow management through our HAFA SCF platform.