Supply Chain Financing

Delivering A Smart Ecosystem in Financing, Empowering Lives

Our solutions are offered through our proprietary HAFA Supply Chain Financing (SCF) program co-innovated with SAP. The program is a transformational approach in creating comprehensive, beneficial and hassle-free financing solutions for enterprises, suppliers, banks and non-banking financial institutions (NBFI). The HAFA platform serves as a central node that enables and connects all parties, and creates a new win-win situation which serves the needs in the marketplace.

How Can the HAFA SCF Platform Benefit You?

  • Allow your suppliers to finance and leverage your preferred lending rates from banks
  • Attract new suppliers to come onboard with you due to the ease of cash flow and working capital
  • Enable more small distributors to come onboard
  • More leverage on pricing negotiation (non-direct monetary benefit
  • Develop a deeper relationship with enterprise customers
  • Gain access to their supply base (for supermarket chain - 2000-3000 suppliers for just ONE enterprise)
  • Create a favorable position for all
  • Tap into a new space to lend and serve
  • Extremely low risk
  • No longer suffer from the non-bankable status
  • Improved cash flow
  • Able to enjoy the preferential loan rates from enterprises
  • Banks are more amenable to offer other financial services

If you are one of these organizations and looking for a flexible financing solution with minimal risks, we welcome you to approach us to explore opportunities for collaboration and plug any existing gaps in the market.